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To ensure that GM lives up to its name say of being a 'high performance' cabling solutions provider, we need to ensure that we have a workforce that is capable of delivering our slogan to our gratified customers.


Along with the encouraging  strong and persistent work ethic and quality in the company, GM works to provide our employees with a stable foundation to build their careers upon, which transpires into providing the quality work you may have seen in our installations.

Surrounding our employees with quality modern power tools and equipment, are weaved into this strong foundation which they build upon. GM boasts providing its employees with personalised work uniforms, mobile workstations (company vehicles), essential power tools and machinery, and access to quality materials from our suppliers.


These underlying factors are just some of our attributes we promote and instill in our workforce to take on to create the innovative solutions we provide for our customers.

So no matter your problem, know that the staff of our company are a group of determined individuals who will get the job done, and leave you in good hands.

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