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GM Cabling Solution’s offers our clients a strategy for Optical Fibre reticulation that is unique to the market place.

We frequently provide solutions that future proof the investment, provide factory backed certification for 25 years and …. allow customers to realize the dream of having the best performing high speed network that money can buy.


Our aim is to provide all of these important considerations at a fair price and with the peace of mind it has been installed by master cablers , specifically trained in deploying Optical fibre micro ducting, optical fibre cable hauling and optical fibre termination and testing.

We have invested in specialized installation equipment, including standard trenching, Micro trenching, specialty optical fibre hauling equipment, optical fibre Fusion splicing units, optical fibre cable certifying testers and blown fibre installation equipment.


This investment by GM Cabling Solutions allows us to adapt to the various design and installation scenarios we encounter in the deployment of Optical fibre Networks.

To speak to someone about an Optical Fibre cabling solution, follow this link or call us on 02 4647 6653.