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GM Cabling Solutions are are experts in the design and installation of cabling systems that efficiently service the needs of the modern era of network and internet accessibility.


We can offer a structured cabling system, with a 20 year guarantee from our that allows the integration of numerous services such as data networking, telephone, CCTV, Electronic security, building management and access control over a single cabling solution, backed by pdf diagnostic reports provided to you the customer. 


So whether you’re moving to a new site, augmenting an existing site or rolling out a series of facilities around the statewide, we can help.

Here's some of the services that we provide:​

  • Structured Network Cabling – including Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7 high speed solutions

  •  Network equipment such as racks, patch panels, patch cords, leads and Distribution media such as switches and media interfaces

  •  Wireless access points ( Wifi Point)

  •  Ethernet cabling fault/diagnostic reports

  •  Telephone Cabling

  •  Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Microwave Link Installation

For any questions or enquiries about any Communications system componentry that is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact our office, and one of our representatives will do our best to help provide an answer for you. 

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