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GM Cabling Solution’s offers our clients a strategy for Optical Fibre reticulation that is unique to the market place.


We frequently provide solutions that future proof the investment, provide factory backed certification for 25 years and …. allow customers to realize the dream of having the best performing high speed network that money can buy.

We have invested in specialized installation equipment to provide the option for Blown Optical Fibre. A niche market amongst the Optical Fibre realm that provides a permanent A to B pathway, with the capacity to upgrade media types as technology/ fibre grades develop to higher and faster capacity. Saving you cost in hauling an entirely new cable through a vast pit network. 


Our aim is to provide all of these important considerations at a fair price and with the peace of mind it has been installed by master cablers , specifically trained in deploying Optical fibre micro ducting, cable hauling, termination and testing.

Here's the solutions we provide:

  • Blown Fibre Design and Installation per site situational requirements 

  • Loose tube Fibre

  • Micro trenching

  • Fibre Hauling

  • Optical fibre Fusion splicing of both Single-mode and Multi-mode media types. 

  • Certified test results 

For any questions or enquiries about any Optical Fibre system componentry or types that are not listed, please don't hesitate to contact our office, and one of our representatives will do our best to help provide an answer for you. 



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