Three commonly used topologies to get uninterruptible power supplies

An uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), also known as a battery backup, provides backup power when your regular power source fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. There are certain topology for UPS setup provided for specific level of voltage protection. Mainly three strategical tips are there to give proper UPS supply at your house or at your work place too.

  1. Standby UPS Topology is the most commonly used topology in setting up UPS system. A standby battery backup given the common power problems such as a blackout, voltage sag, or voltage surge. These are designed to consume electricity whether in upper ground or underground electrical cable
  2. A line interactive is the incorporated technology which allows correcting mainly minor power fluctuations without switching off any power supply. These types of topology are mainly used in commercial office fit out cabling solutions to regulate voltage in network equipment as per the range of servers.

  1. A double conversion topology is one of the clean types, which is near the perfect as compare to any other topology we use. Double conversion uninterruptible power supplies are designed to protect critical IT equipment, data centre installations, high end servers, and large telecom networks.

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