Things To Know About Fibre Optic Cable Installation Maintenance

Fibre optic cables or optical fiber cables are similar to electrical cables, but instead of electricity, they carry light from one point to another. While these types of cables have different uses, they are mainly used for internet connectivity. Businesses can benefit from these types of cables since they ensure connectivity is reliable and they are not easily damaged. Data cabling Sydney-based companies are quite aware of the sturdiness of these cables. While these cables are quite durable, there are still some things business owners should take into consideration to ensure their fibre optic cable installation is properly maintained.

  • Use Rubber Safety Caps

There may be instances when business owners would find it necessary to unplug a fibre optic cable. In these situations, it is essential to use rubber safety caps on the transceiver after unplugging the cable. The same rubber caps should also be used at the end of the fibre optic cable. This will ensure the cable and transceiver remains clean and prevent it from getting inadvertently damaged.

  • Use a Fiber Extension if Frequent Unplugging and Plugging is Necessary

While there may be instances when it is necessary to unplug these cables, this should not be done frequently. When these cables are frequently unplugged and unplugged into optical devices, the optical devices will be damaged over time. When this happens, it may require a considerable investment to replace these optical devices. Due to this, business owners should use a short extension connected to the equipment. The extension will absorb the wear and tear caused by the frequent unplugging and plugging of the fibre optic cable. In case the extension is damaged, it will be cheaper to replace it than replacing the optical equipment it is plugged into.

  • Avoid Bending the Cables Beyond the Minimum

While a fibre optic cable can be bent, there is a minimum limit as to how far this can be done. Due to this, it is important to avoid bending it beyond this limitation. When these cable are bent into an arc that is smaller than its minimum bend limit, the cables can be damaged. In these situations, connectivity will be affected and it will not be easy to diagnose the problem. To avoid this, business owners should be aware of the minimum bend limitation of their fibre optic cables, which is around a few inches in diameter.

  • Use Anchors To Prevent Stress on the Cable

Even as a fibre optic cable installation does not weigh that much, its weight can eventually damage the connector over time. In these instances, it is necessary to anchor these cables to prevent putting too much stress on the connectors. The fibre optic cable should be secured when it is connected to a transceiver so the cable will not support its own weight. Always avoid letting these cables to hang free when they are connected to a transceiver or any other connector. Business owners should also check with a reputable data cabling Sydney-based company before they install the cables.

  • Maintain the Cleanliness of the Fibre Optic Cable Installation

Fibre optic cables carry light from one point to another. But this transfer of light can be obstructed by small deposits of dust and oil. These dust and oil deposits are typically found along the canals of the cable connector or the transceiver. Due to this obstruction, the signal power will be reduced causing optical connection issues. To ensure there is no reduction in the signal power, it is necessary to ensure the fibre optic cable is clean. Business owners can use a suitable fibre-cleaning device to clean the canal of the transceiver. On the other hand, an alcohol-free cleaning kit should be used to clean the fibre optic cable itself. While there are several types of cleaning kits available in the market, it is important to use one that is approved for use on a fibre optic cable installation.

These are just some of the tips business owners should keep in mind to ensure their fibre optic cable installation is well-maintained. If they are not sure how they can properly maintain it, they can look for a reputable data cabling Sydney-based company that can help them maintain their fibre optic cables.  For more information, visit GM CABLE Today !