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Commercial Office Fit Out : 3 Key Elements To Consider

Commercial buildings are specifically designed for more power consumption and output than residential ones. They need specific commercial fits out solutions to ensure all electrical and distribution needs are met easily. Further, commercial fits outs also ensure that you do not lose power or waste time during emergencies. This can give your business a considerable edge.

Here are some key aspects of commercial fits outs you should know about.

  • 3 Essential Aspects of Commercial Fit Outs for Businesses
  • Electric Distribution Board

This is the first and perhaps the most common aspect of commercial fit outs. A common electrical distribution board allows you to manage power distribution much more easily. This will also give you several other benefits like preventing major faults.

According to your needs, the power distribution can be sectioned off and this will prevent building or floor-wide outages. Also, you can have minor problems fixed right from the board.

  • Fibre Optic Cable Installation

Fibre optic cables have greatly enhanced internet capabilities globally. If you operate a business then fibre optic cable installation can give you great benefits. For those who use internet access a whole lot, this service is critical.

So, when you are getting a commercial fit out in your office, ask the contractor about fibre optic cable installation. This is definitely a good investment since it will help your business scale efficiently over the long run.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Power supplies are a crucial aspect of all business activities. So, it makes sense to support them with infrastructure. Uninterruptible power supplies are a great addition to your office. They can help you ensure you have constant power access and never need to suspend business activities.

For industrial or 24/7 businesses, this is a great option. It is also useful for other businesses which have specific power supply needs. Consider getting this in your next office fit out.

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3 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Electrical Distribution Board


Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Just a few decades ago, we had phones bigger than faces, now we can talk hands-free. So, it’s not surprising that we often overlook. Commercial office fit outs and data cabling in Sydney fall into this category of overlooked technologies.

We naturally assume that the office will have a well laid out electrical wiring system. However, that is not always true. This can be a problem later as your business grows and your energy demands increase.

The most important of all commercial office fit outs in the managing hub or electrical distribution board. Having a well built and smartly designed board offers many benefits to both offices and residences. Here’s a short list:

  • 3 Key Benefits from Quality Electrical Distribution Board

  • Proper Electrical Distribution

Complicated wire overlays and wiring knots are every electrician’s nightmare. They not only cause confusion but lead to improper electrical distribution as well. Getting the right electrical distribution board will help keep electrical lines separate. This will protect your overall electrical system and also make sorting short circuits much easier.

  • Easy Modifications

Commercial office fit outs usually don’t need modifications. But growing businesses have growing needs. You may need data cabling in Sydney or underground electrical cables for increased efficiency. In all such cases, you need to have a well-designed electrical distribution board. This will help you get the most from your previous wiring system. Also, it will help in making additions easier.

  • Technological Enhancements

Aside from electrical technology itself, your business can benefit from other innovations as well. For example, fibre optic cable installation gives your business high-speed internet without faults. This can be a game-changer for your business and put it on the fast track to success. Implementing this technology and others can be expensive.

However, if your basic commercial office fit out and electrical distribution board are well-defined, then you can save costs. Further, as technology evolves making additions will remain cheaper until your entire system gets outdated in the long term. So, starting with the right setup is very important.

  • Where Can You Get the Best Cabling Solutions in Sydney?

GM Cabling Solutions is one of the top companies for commercial office fit outs in Australia. We provide all kinds of electrical services to our clients, ranging from network cabling in Sydney to uninterruptible power supplies. Visit GM Cabling Solutions and get in touch with our experts today!


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Uninterruptible Power Supplies: Is That Possible For Your Business?

The success of a business operation depends on many factors and one of which is reliable and uninterruptible power supplies. Why? Imagine, your business’ daily operation relies heavily on power. Isn’t it horrifying to find it non-operational due to a power outage? This is indeed a chaotic scenario, especially if you have no backup support. If this is the case, your business should consider having an effective uninterruptible power supply system. But, before you dive into this whole idea let me first give a quick brief on the uninterruptible power supply, reasons for a power failure and benefits of availing an uninterruptible power supply system package.

What is the uninterruptible power supply system?

Uninterruptible power supply or commonly referred by the experts in network and data cabling industry as UPS is a type of system that aims to improve the power supply of any business, company or establishment and prevent any incident of power failure. It’s often referred to as having back-up power regardless it’s a single or triple phase configuration and operated by batteries or flywheel component.

In general, uninterruptible power supplies could simply refer to a little black box that is near your desktop and protects your computer to unstable or sudden power failure.

Reasons for a power failure

There are several reasons why a power failure may occur and affect your business’ operation. Here’s a list of the uncontrollable events that may arise:

  • Animals making intrusion to transformers that provide electricity
  • Natural phenomena such as an episode of lightning, heavy rainfall, fallen trees after a storm or strong wind that can damage power cables.
  • Vehicle accidents hitting the main source of power supply.
  • Utility accidents or undergoing constructions.

What can the uninterruptible power supply system offer to any business?

A workable UPS or uninterruptible power supply system can deliver the following:

  • Save your business from unexpected power outages.
  • Guaranteed uninterruptible power supplies in the event of a short-term power failure.
  • Improves the quality of power being distributed in every area of your facility that relies on power.
  • Provide a back-up power for long-term power interruption through quick access to generators.

Who can benefit from the installation of uninterruptible power supply system?

Here are some of the industries that will surely benefit from the installation of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and enjoy uninterruptible power supplies.

  • Medical facilities such as hospitals
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Call centers
  • Financial institutions (banks)
  • Tv and radio stations

Top benefits of having a reliable provider of uninterruptible power supplies:

  • Continuous power supply on tools, equipment and machinery that depend on power such as computers.
  • Reduce power glitches on electrical appliances and electronics.
  • Safeguard your properties from major destruction in the event of power failure.
  • Decrease the risk of workers getting injured.

Are you now ready to have your business installed with an uninterruptible power supply system? If your business is located in Australia feel free to contact Gm Cabling Solutions, a trusted and pioneer provider of electrical and communications. So, if you need underground electrical cable services, fibre optic installation or cabling contact now GM Cabling Solutions. Their experts will help you find the right package for your business to grow and experience uninterruptible power supplies.


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When To Upgrade The Electrical Distribution Board?

Do you often experience electrical problems at home? If yes, it’s about time you do a thorough inspection of the electrical distribution board and check for the presence of the following signs and prevent power disruption.

Circuit breakers experience trip

One of the signs that will require the upgrade of your current electrical distribution board is when the circuit breakers often experience tripping. Why isn’t good? Well, if the circuit breakers don’t perform as expected the flow of electricity is unstable, eventually causing overheating on appliances. When this electrical issue occurs frequently, home appliances relying on power source are prone to breakdowns.

Discoloured marks

Another alarming sign that you should not miss out when doing an inspection with your home’s electrical distribution board is the discolouration marks evident on the circuit breakers. If you noticed discoloured marks or acrid smell you have to notify immediately the services of a reliable electrical cabling company and upgrade to a new electrical distribution board.

Breakers fail to remain reset

Among the other signs that any homeowner should be on guard while inspecting the electrical distribution board, when the breakers failed to remain reset or unable to restore power supply. If this occurs, there is a huge possibility of a major problem on your electrical panel board.

Damaged or old electrical wiring

Have you experienced electrical shock while connecting an electrical appliance to a power outlet? Or, your lights experience frequent flickering. Any of these signs could only mean possible wear and tear issue on your electrical distribution board wiring. If so, call now a reliable electrical cabling company and request an upgrade.

Your home only has fuses

If you live in an older home, chances are it still has a fused-based electrical system and not the electrical distribution board. Fuses are already considered outdated and unsafe. If this is the case have your home inspected by a licensed electrician or electrical cabling company and ask the cost for an upgraded electrical distribution board.

Do you want to experience uninterruptible power supplies? Go over the mentioned signs above and if any of them is affecting your home’s electrical system this is the right timing to look for a reliable electrical cabling company. If your home is situated in Australia and prefer to contract a local provider, visit GM Cabling Solutions. They offer a wide range of services covering data and network cabling, electrical cabling, office fitouts including underground cabling services. Contact now a representative at GM and set an appointment to discuss the electrical distribution board upgrade.

Top Benefits Of Underground Electrical Cable Revealed

Are you still having apprehensions whether to choose underground electrical cable over overhead electrical cable? While both of these cabling systems can provide the same power supply there are a lot of benefits for opting on underground electrical cabling system and here are some of them.

  • Environment-friendly

If you will compare the installation of underground electrical cable and overhead electrical cable the underground cables offer a better view because the cables installed are completely invisible. The power lines are hidden and won’t create an obstruction to any view. Aside from that, the underground electrical cable is good to the environment because they don’t need to use huge poles during the installation unlike the overhead power towering wooden or metal poles are needed to connect electrical lines.

  • Fewer resources needed

The resource materials needed for underground electrical cable are fewer if compared to the quantity of materials that the overhead power lines will require.  With underground power cabling, the need for posts is eliminated. No need to worry about the supply of logs, digging the ground and burying them just to install power lines. The entire process of underground power lines installation will only require pipes or ducts, so the overhead cost for this project is not expensive.

  • Uninterruptible power supplies

Another amazing benefit of underground electrical cable installation is the guaranteed uninterruptible power supplies. Since, the power lines are installed underground any bad weather condition or external element present in our environment (overgrown tree, strong wind) will not disrupt the quality of power supply. Users of underground power cabling system can enjoy stable power connection at all times.

  • Safer

Yes, this is one of the benefits that underground electrical cable promise to deliver to all end-users that opted for this type of power lines installation – safer. Why? First, the electrical power lines are secured underground, so need to fear of direct contact with high voltage power lines. Second, unlike the overhead cabling system where power lines may become loose due to strong winds or fallen trees, the underground power cables aren’t exposed, eliminating the risks of injuries and deaths that downed power lines can cause to any human being.

Will underground electrical power cables applicable anywhere?

There are cases wherein the underground electrical cabling system may not work. A location situated with water source like waterways may not be a suitable place to install underground power cables. It’s crucial that an expert will assess the location prior installation of underground electrical cable.

If you want more information about the best power cabling system that will deliver uninterruptible power supplies, inquire at GM and let their specialist on underground power application come up with a design that will work out for your situation.