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How to identify that your home wiring is faulty and need replacement?

Mainly there are 6 different ways to identify your wiring cable work need replacement.

Outdated network cabling, or damaged cables, or rarely poorly installed wiring needs replacement. Most of the time home wiring is one of the major causes of fire involved.

  1. Keep proper track of circuit breakers – It’s one of the common reasons for in-home breaker trips depending upon circuit design and the system. However, if the circuit breaker trips so frequently, then we need to check and consult our professional cabling solutions.
  2. Look and feel for flickering, bussing, and dimming of lights in the home – Just due to circuit breaker network never tripped, doesn’t mean there is no problem with your electrical wiring. Sometimes underground electrical cable reduces the risk of tripping in the house. But, even if your house light buzz when turned on, you must need home wiring requires a professional upgrade.
  3. Bad burning smell and odd wire odor – Electrical issues at home, smell for any burning, smoky and odd odor at point of electrical outlets or in some point in the electrical panel. Burning smells means damage of wire due to fire. It’s important to have it fixed by an electrical professional immediately.

Unfortunately, many wiring problems may become faulty wiring and trace to installation performed by individuals who have little training in safely installed electrical infrastructures. Contact your cabling solution experts at Gm cable today and get your wiring cabling solution checked today!

New South Wales Standards for Underground electrical cable installation

The Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales (the Rules) is the recognized industry code outlining the requirements of electrical distributors when linking a customer to the distribution systems of New South Wales.

There are certain consumer main installation conditions, which are as follows:

  1. Applicants who want to get underground electrical cable wiring installation have to take the responsibility of on-location underground pipes and cables from communications, gas, water and electricity providers.
  2. Cable using for installation should be laid in accordance with the current ETSA utility services and installation rules, ETSA utilities notice to electrical workers, and standards Australia AS/NZS3000 – wiring rules.
  3. The underground electrical cables shall be laid across the footway at 90 degrees to the property line.
  4. Galvanized steel tubing is required to be installed for mechanical protection of underground
  5. Consumer mains cables at the horizontally installed depth across Council land.
  6. The Council will accept no responsibility for any damage to the electrical service from any cause whatsoever.
  7. A proper cable installation alignment wiring framework has to be set up.

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What does electrical distribution board works?

An electrical distribution board is a panel-based board that controls the electric power feed and equally distribute in circuits. Often, there are also local regulations as to how these boards are configured by professionals who do electrical works on a regular basis that delivers quality and suitable flow of electricity in a circuit.

The electrical Distribution board at home is different from comparing one in commercial places like restaurants, shops, etc. All internal and external lighting systems shall be designed to enhance safe movement, personal safety, and security for any electrical distribution board designing. The distribution board shall be tested before use, the construction arrangements should be proper. A most important point to remark for all electrical distribution boards is that they are made with large enough space( cater) for main incoming and outgoing cables and the positioning of transformers, terminal blocks, and contractors so that cable to these items can be done in a proper manner and it works appropriately incomplete circuit of current flow.

The above description is inapplicable for both wall-mounted or underground electrical cable solutions. All light and power circuits are to be loaded to less than 75% of their rated capacity. Visit our website on GM Cable and get your electrical distribution board done.

Different types of working principles of Electrical Distribution Board

Complete electricity connection in both commercial and residential buildings is through the electrical distribution board. The working principle of an electrical distribution board is a fascinating one. The Electrical Distribution board (DB) is where the electricity supply is distributed within the building premises. The main supply cable comes into the board and is then distributed to the breakers and from there to all the circuits.

The structural and technical aspects of an electrical distribution board vary, depending on the country and the electrical requirements.

Different types of electrical distribution boards have different functionality and principles of working too.  Types of boards based on application and requirements, that can be chosen are:

  1. Fuse Boxes: A fuse box referrers to a consumer unit where all the electricity is controlled and distributed. It’s important to know where it is located at the home because, in the event of an emergency, it is vital to find your fuse box with ease and turn it off to avoid a catastrophe.
  2. Main Breaker Panel: A commonly used distribution board, main breaker panels protect the circuits and keep an eye.
  3. Main Lug Panel: Main lug units are essentially used as a distribution board when there appears to be the main breaker upstream. Line wires run into these lugs, wherein the main lug panel can be used as a sub-panel when it is connected to a breaker from the main panel.
  4. Subpanels: When your focus as satellite circuit breaker panel especially convenient to the area it functions for.

Eventually, for underground electrical cable wiring, the installation process is complete works of different principles with their connection related to distribution boards used. The cables should be routed such that they are not likely to be damaged by any foreseeable disturbance and should be buried under certain required depth.

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5 Reasons to invest in Underground Electrical Cabling

Every commercial office fit out needs to have underground cabling. This is important for several reasons. Among the most important ones is that it ensures a consistent and steady stream of electrical supply at all times. Further, it can provide many other benefits to the business owners as well. Here are some of these benefits:

Reasons to get Underground Electrical Cabling

  1. Safety

Underground electrical cable setups are much more secure from accidental damage than other types of wiring. This is because they cannot be stepped on or otherwise hampered with. This ensures that your office will have the necessary supplies without interruption. Also, such power uninterruptible power supplies are very durable so you can save money there are as well.

  1. Thicker Wiring

Underground wiring also gives the advantage of threading more wires through one channel. This means that you can have more power output options through the same channel. Also, this means your cable management options become much more streamlined.

  1. Better Coordination

Commercial office fit outs that remain on the surface can lead to coordination problem. They are often mismanaged that can result in confusion. This can really hamper the process of repair if ever needed. So, instead, you can go for underground electrical cabling. This will help keep your office wiring organized efficiently.

  1. Visual Appeal

Visual appeal is not the first thing that office owners might think about when they are structuring their office. However, it does matter a lot. Wiring bunches standing out in the corners are hardly appealing. Underground electrical cable can solve this problem easily by keeping everything out of sight.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance can take a toll on your work efficiency. If you have exposed wiring, you will not only need to stall work but may also need to spend more money. Of course, this is not the best of ideas and so, you should opt for a commercial office fit out that use underground electrical cable. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

How to Get the Best Underground Electrical Wiring for Your Office?

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Rules for Network Cabling in Sydney – What we need to know

This is to introduce that there are certain rules set by Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) for network cabling in Sydney The objective of these set standards is to set out the minimum requirements that may ensure safety and integrity of a cabling installation system.

Following below are the set rules for Network Cabling:

  1. Safe and sound practice

All customers cabling installation should be done with principles of Safe and sound practices. That may lead to injury of cabling provider or any other person, such as:

  1. Put visible marking while doing cable installation, that are misleading, or
  2. Physical protrusions in traffic prone areas.

  1. Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual

All cable related equipment should have its installation under the guidelines of its manual including the electrical distribution board approval on it, such as things like cable radius, tension, cable tie pressure colour code etc.

  1. Compliance Labelling

None of the cabling should be installed in any customer premises which are not labelled with accordance of Telecommunication Notice.

  1. Protection against damage

All part of installation should have adequate protection against damage which might be expected to result from mechanical injury, exposure to weather, water retention or any other circumstance to which they will be exposed under the condition of their usage.

  1. Hazardous Voltages

Cabling shall not be used to carry a hazardous voltage especially for underground electric cable installation.

  1. Cable Joints

A cable joint has a vital role to play for all types of cables, using suitable connectors, joiners, compression fittings or other compliant devices. It also includes the physical protection of the joints.

In Sydney, Gm Cabling Solutions is one of the top companies specialized in network cabling system. We provide all kinds of cable installation with in the ACMA Standards. Visit our website to know more about us.

Top Benefits Of Underground Electrical Cable Revealed

Are you still having apprehensions whether to choose underground electrical cable over overhead electrical cable? While both of these cabling systems can provide the same power supply there are a lot of benefits for opting on underground electrical cabling system and here are some of them.

  • Environment-friendly

If you will compare the installation of underground electrical cable and overhead electrical cable the underground cables offer a better view because the cables installed are completely invisible. The power lines are hidden and won’t create an obstruction to any view. Aside from that, the underground electrical cable is good to the environment because they don’t need to use huge poles during the installation unlike the overhead power towering wooden or metal poles are needed to connect electrical lines.

  • Fewer resources needed

The resource materials needed for underground electrical cable are fewer if compared to the quantity of materials that the overhead power lines will require.  With underground power cabling, the need for posts is eliminated. No need to worry about the supply of logs, digging the ground and burying them just to install power lines. The entire process of underground power lines installation will only require pipes or ducts, so the overhead cost for this project is not expensive.

  • Uninterruptible power supplies

Another amazing benefit of underground electrical cable installation is the guaranteed uninterruptible power supplies. Since, the power lines are installed underground any bad weather condition or external element present in our environment (overgrown tree, strong wind) will not disrupt the quality of power supply. Users of underground power cabling system can enjoy stable power connection at all times.

  • Safer

Yes, this is one of the benefits that underground electrical cable promise to deliver to all end-users that opted for this type of power lines installation – safer. Why? First, the electrical power lines are secured underground, so need to fear of direct contact with high voltage power lines. Second, unlike the overhead cabling system where power lines may become loose due to strong winds or fallen trees, the underground power cables aren’t exposed, eliminating the risks of injuries and deaths that downed power lines can cause to any human being.

Will underground electrical power cables applicable anywhere?

There are cases wherein the underground electrical cabling system may not work. A location situated with water source like waterways may not be a suitable place to install underground power cables. It’s crucial that an expert will assess the location prior installation of underground electrical cable.

If you want more information about the best power cabling system that will deliver uninterruptible power supplies, inquire at GM and let their specialist on underground power application come up with a design that will work out for your situation.