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Network Cabling Sydney – Installation Process

Structured network cabling in Sydney isn’t exactly a weekend project, as it involves electrical equipment and therefore presents potential safety hazards. Additionally, designing a structured cabling system can be complicated and best suited for expert technicians with years of experience under their belts. If you’re looking to install this type of system at your business, you may want to call in professionals.


If you’re just getting into researching structured cabling and want to do the installation yourself, you need to be prepared for what to expect. Knowing how the exact steps for the process in advance will help you get the exact tools and materials you need for the job.


What Is Structured Network Cabling?

Structured cabling is a way to organize a business, campus, or data center’s cabling systems in Sydney and overall IT infrastructure. Structured cabling can better support a business’s needs daily, from telecommunications to security and even HVAC systems. Six different subsystems make up structured cabling, and each subsystem works as a puzzle piece to make the entire system reliable for your network connection.

At the end of the day, structured network cabling takes all of your cables and neatly organizes them into a system that can grow with your needs. It’s versatile and efficient.  Keep your knowledge up to date with GM Cable Solutions

Network Cabling Sydney – Hardware Used

Network systems are often very complex and have many pieces of connected hardware. Due to their complexity, set-up and maintenance of network systems are very time consuming and often neglected by many offices. This can result in slow servers and systems which are unreliable to use, affecting productivity. Network cabling Sydney specialists such as GM Cabling can install, maintain and optimise network systems for reliability and versatility.

There are many components involved in network cabling Sydney projects, these include:

  • Switches and routers – switches are the devices that connect components of a network together. They are connected to each piece of hardware with an Ethernet cable. Routers are the devices that connect the network made from the switches to the internet.
  • File servers and storage systems – these are the parts of the network which store local files like spreadsheets and documents. They are connected to computers with network cabling Sydney to access files from whatever device needs them.
  • Computers and workstations – the devices people use every day in their jobs are connected to the network with Ethernet cables to access both the internet and stored files.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies – different essential network devices like servers, important computers, and specialist equipment use uninterruptible power supplies to protect against damage or data loss in a surge or blackout.
  • Specialized equipment – different businesses will have special devices to perform functions of their business. These may need to be connected with network cabling.

With all of the components involved in network cabling Sydney, it is important to have the set-up done right. Get a free quote from GM Cabling today!

Key Guidelines for any data cabling solutions

Due to Pandemic conditions, we are moving to a completely digital era, where technology has a major role in our daily routine lives.  Due to this, data cabling solutions & voice cabling installation needs to be done under certain standards for both residential and commercial purposes.

Data cabling solutions

Data cabling is one of the very important parts of the communication structure, which plays a vital role in today’s era where each one of us working and communicating virtually. Data cabling solution is known as long lived component of any network cabling in Sydney and need to maintain and have a good sound structure to run all communication and operation run smoothly.

Key guidelines to follow for any data cabling solutions are:

  1. Classes or types of cables used
  2. Design structure for any network cabling
  3. Planning is the key to any structured data installation for any infrastructure.
  4. Purpose of structured data cabling, like where it can be used.
  5. Cost-effectiveness, flexibility, reliability of any data cabling.

The structured and planned data cabling can help in maximising your business potential while being cost-effective. With structured data cabling , you can rest easy knowing your business network.  For your data cabling needs visit Gm cable solutions today!

Commercial Office Fit Out – 2 Essential Elements

Office electrical and data systems are often very large systems. The plethora of varying connections tends to make them confusing for many business owners. There are a few essential elements to any commercial office fit out which will keep your business running smoothly and safely. GM Cabling who provides network cabling Sydney can supply and install many of these systems for your business.

Network Cabling

Most commercial office fit out systems must be wired together to function correctly, this includes internet, phone, and server connections. Network cabling Sydney suppliers such as GM Cable can install and connect such systems to keep offices running smoothly and efficiently. Network cables come in many versions for different tasks; the main ones are Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7. Higher numbers indicate newer versions that have larger bandwidths and better transmission speeds. Cat6a is capable of transmitting larger distances up to 100m with no loss, which may be very desirable in network cabling Sydney. Cat7 is a very new standard offering much higher speeds but at considerably shorter distances.

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

These systems are staples of many commercial office fit out as they are great for offices with important computer systems or servers which must remain online at all times. They are placed between the mains power and the computer/server. In the event of power interruptions, they keep the machine powered until a secondary power source can be started or the machine is shut down safely. This is great for protecting important files and devices in your office network.

GM Cables are commercial office fit out specialists who provide the highest quality cabling electrical solutions for their clients. Contact us today for more information.

Structured network cabling solutions in the home

Why network cabling?

Network cabling solutions in the home is required mainly because of two reasons – speed and reliability on network. Network cabling is one of the fastest using cable networking than Wi-Fi connection and is not affected by the wall, distance, interference from other sources, or competing Wi-Fi networks.  It’s much faster and much more reliable. The motive is to have network port usage. It is also important to note that network cabling is also reliable for file sharing. Network cabling in Sydney distributes all sorts of services around the home including phone, TV, HDMI, Poe and probably it includes other stuff in the future.

According to NSW network cabling rules in Sydney, it’s mandatory to have your home cable fixing to be done by registered professional network cable installer, because it involves underfloor, in-wall or in-roof cabling by registered cable solutions.

The structured cable network types

If you decide to install network cabling in your home you will be asked whether you want so-called category-5, category-6, or category-6a cable. These are standard government rules for any physical construction of the cable and how fast it will carry the data around the home. There is one more network cabling solution referred to an Ethernet overpower or EoP, which used an adapter to convert voltage from the main wiring into a network of sorts.

It’s also important to note that network cabling is a generic means of distributing all sorts of services around the home including phone, TV, HDMI, PoE (Power over Ethernet), and probably others in the future. GM Cabling Solutions is a registered network cabling installer in Sydney, which fulfil all your needs as per standards.

Network Cabling Sydney: How To Choose The Best Network Cabling Solution Provider

Do you have plans to expand your business? Or, perhaps need to upgrade your current network cabling? Finding the best network cabling solution depends entirely on your chosen provider according to the experts of network cabling Sydney. Keep in mind, with the advancement of technology, every business needs to resolve issues that could affect their operations and productivity such as the internet, cabling, data servers, and commercial office fit-out units. So, how would you choose the best network cabling solution company?

First of all, you need to have a clear idea of your business’ specific needs, particularly in structured cabling. Let’s say this terminology is new to you. Structured cabling as mentioned by the network cabling Sydney specialists refers mainly to the computer unit and communication system infrastructure wherein cables and wiring are concerned.

Now that you have a hint of structured cabling, the next thing you need is a list of qualifications that your network cabling solution provider must possess. A network cabling provider is your business’ ticket to reaching the peak of success. This is why it’s vital you find the right provider that can cater to your business’ specific network cabling solution requirement. Below are some of the qualifying traits that a network cabling solution provider must exhibit:

  • Dependability
  • Knowledgeable in structured cabling installation
  • Ability to assess your current and future network cabling needs

You may also ask questions during the initial screening to check the provider’s level of experience in the industry as well as expertise. Feel free to ask these frequently asked questions to all your prospective candidates.

  • Is your company able to provide real-time physical support when needed?
  • Do you have immediate access to remote support 24/7?
  • Can you customise the network cabling solution package based on the size of a business?
  • Do you also cover other services like commercial office fit out installation?
  • Are your installers expert in integrating advanced phone systems, data servers as well as wireless devices?
  • Do you have effective security system protection?
  • Will your network cabling solution company handle various locations?
  • Will you provide on-site testing as well as training for employees?

Deciding on whom to partner your network cabling solution needs is a tough decision to make according to the representative at network cabling Sydney. Any business owner like you must assess carefully the provider’s profile, level of experience and services offered before signing a contract of agreement. Remember, each business’s network cabling requirement is unique. If you want to get the right structure cabling regardless it’s intended for future expansion or upgrades, do research on the cabling company. I’m sure you don’t want to be overpaying for services your business won’t be needed for in the future.

Each structured cabling solution may perform a unique function for one business and having the right one for your business is as important as finding the right partner. If you still have unanswered questions for structured cabling and other services like commercial office fit out installation in Sydney, why not give GM Cabling Solutions a call for a consultation.  For more information, Visit Gm Cable Today !

Things to Consider When It Comes To Commercial Office Fit Outs

Fit out refers to a term describing the process of making interior spaces usable. The interior of the office is more than just a physical workplace. It also showcases what the company can do for its clients. It is essential to contract a reputable commercial office fit out company with suitable experience in enhancing productivity.

Due to this, there are several things companies should consider before they sign a contract with a commercial office fit out company.


The first thing to consider is budget. Not all companies have an unlimited source of funds for an office fit out. Due to this, the company should take into account its finances and how much it can afford to provide for the project. While an initial quote will be provided by a commercial office fit out company, it is important to take into account what is included in the quote.

While companies should look at the initial design and its inclusions, it should also consider the quality of the equipment and material used in the project. Some questions that they should ask are as follows:

  • Is the electrical distribution board suitable enough for the needs of the company?
  • Did the company contract reliable uninterruptible power suppliers?
  • Will the underground electrical cable system be suitably set up?

These are just some of the questions that may emerge when the budget and finances of the company are considered for the project.

Suitable Design

The design of the interior should also be considered. It should reflect the branding of the company. If the company deals with antiquities and relics, it may not be advisable to have a modern design for its interiors. The design of the office interior can serve as a permanent advertisement for the company. Due to this, it should give an impression of what the company can offer as well as the values the company holds.

Legal Compliance

Another thing to take into account is legal compliance. This is mainly associated with how the internal works comply with government requirements. It will be necessary for the company to ensure the electrical distribution board follows guidelines set by local and state laws. The underground electrical cable network should also follow the requirements set by the government. Uninterruptible power suppliers should also provide equipment that meets legal requirements. When it comes to data cabling Sydney-based companies can provide suitable cabling systems that comply with any legal requirements by the government. Similarly, network cabling Sydney-based companies can also provide systems that meet government requirements. Complying with any legal requirements set by the government will allow the company to avoid any costly fines in the future.

Service System Efficiency

The interior of the office should enhance productivity rather than interfere with the work of the employees. Due to this, it is necessary for the commercial office fit out company to design a service system that is efficient and meets the needs of the employees. Using an underground electrical cable network is one of the things that will contribute to this system efficiency. Data cabling Sydney companies may also have some design ideas on how to enhance productivity in the office. The same thing goes with network cabling Sydney companies, which can provide concepts the company can adopt. It will also be necessary to get quotes from uninterruptible power suppliers to avoid any interruptions in case of power outages.

Migration of Networks

When a company moves to a different location, it should consider how to seamlessly transfer its communication network to its new location. This network migration is essential in ensuring the company does not lose its current clients. In this situation, the data cabling Sydney companies along with network cabling Sydney-based companies will be crucial in ensuring minimal interruption when it comes to the networks used by the company. The commercial office fit out company should provide a migration plan to minimize or eliminate any inconvenience when it comes to the services provided to the clients of the company.

These are just some of the things companies can take into account before they finalize any agreements with a commercial office fit out company.

Network Cabling Sydney: What To Consider Before Hiring A Network Cabling Company?


Internet connectivity is an indispensable tool to businesses of any size. In fact, having fast internet is highly regarded as a powerful weapon to compete fairly in the marketplace regardless you are offering services or products. So, if you are planning to partner with a network cabling provider, here are a few things to consider according to the experts at the network cabling Sydney.

  • Fast service

Issues on internet connectivity are among the problems that any type of business will deal with on a daily basis such as poor or unstable internet connection. Others may require occasional troubleshooting. A network cabling company that can assure clients of fast service whenever needed is a plus point. Keep in mind, your business needs to up and running, especially on peak demands.

  • In-depth knowledge

Another important factor that any business owner must look into before contracting the services of the network cabling Sydney is having in-depth knowledge of their services including skills needed to resolve any business’ network cabling needs. This is why it’s crucial to partner only with a network cabling company that has a solid track record in all types of services such as the fibre optic cable installation.

  • Personalised service

Screening network cabling providers is necessary. One of the things you should pay attention is their level of customer service. Ask yourself, “Do they offer online support after business hours?” Or, you may check on the timeliness a client’s dispute is resolved. According to the network cabling Sydney expert, a reliable network cabling provider must be willing to work overtime to attend to the special needs of each client. If the prospective provider can offer personalized service, this is a sign that your business is in good hands.

  • Location

Many of use would why location is vital with your decision making on whom to hire for your network cabling needs like the fibre optic cable installation. Well, the location of your chosen network cabling provider will have a huge impact on how they respond to an urgent call. Imagine if you outsource with a local network cabling company like the network cabling Sydney company GM Cable Solutions, rest assured quick dispatch of their technical experts is possible due to close proximity from your home or office. However, if you opt for a provider that is miles away from your location, then, expect the hours of travel to be longer than a local network cabling company near you.

  • Security

Yes, this is another utmost concern of any business owner, the security. It’s best to know the security measures that your prospective network cabling company implements to ensure your business’ privacy isn’t left in the open. Cybercriminals will always do everything within their power to encrypt others network connectivity. For your peace of mind that your business remains secured from these bad guys inquire the security management policy of the network cabling provider you plan to hire.

Your internet package is an ongoing expense. It’s just right that whoever assumes the role as your network cabling provider is efficient, skilled and an expert in giving solutions. If your business is situated or ready for expansion anywhere in Australia why not visit the official website of GM Cable Solutions. They have a wide range of services covering fibre optic cable installation, data and networking cabling. Contact now one of their network cabling Sydney representatives and let them help you run your business smoothly.

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4 Questions To Ask The Data Cabling Sydney

Startup businesses can have the ability to perform well in their chosen industries provided they equipped themselves with the needed tools, equipment, manpower and technology. Among the services that any startup business or company would need is a reliable data cabling provider. Why? In today’s fast pace environment, it’s vital for any size or type of business to have uninterrupted data network connectivity. So, how to select the best data cabling company if startup business is soon to launch in Australia? Here are 4 questions to ask the data cabling Sydney representative.

Question #1 – Do you have online access?

A credible data cabling company should have online access to ensure their clients’ concerns can be resolved the soonest possible time. If you will have a private consultation with the data cabling Sydney representative ask if they have an official website where a client can easily send messages or talk via chat support with a customer support team.

Question #2 – What are the materials used for your chosen data cabling package?

One of the concerns of paying clients is the value of what they are paying for. As for the data cabling services ask the data cabling Sydney representative the type of materials to be used for your chosen package. Will they use top quality fibre optic cable wires or traditional cable wires? A credible data cabling company will disclose everything that a client needs to know from the prices of each data cabling package including the types of materials to be used for installation.

Question #3 – Do they have a technical support team to handle technical problems?

Technical problems may arise at any given period regardless you are a loyal customer of a top performing network cabling. During the one-on-one meeting with a data cabling Sydney or network cabling Sydney representative feel free to ask about technical problems. Who will offer assistance in case you encountered a technical problem? A reputable data cabling company should have a readily available technical team that will handle all technical issues and provide immediate solutions.

Question #4 – Do they specialise in data cabling?

Any startup business or company rely heavily on data network cabling services. It’s necessary that you only partner with a provider that is knowledgeable on data cabling and equipped with the right team of experts. Why? If the hired provider has no in-depth expertise in data network you might end up receiving poor services. When hunting for a provider do research about their expertise in this field including other back-end supports they claim to have specialisation, so that you really get a good deal for your money’s worth.

Can’t still decide where to avail your data cabling services in Sydney? Talk to one of the data cabling Sydney representatives at GM Cabling Solutions. Their team would be happy to bring further enlightenment to any question troubling you at the moment. Choosing the right data cabling package is the instrument to get any business moving forward in the right direction.

Why Upgrade To Fibre Optic Cable Installation?

Is your internet connection providing you enough speed when downloading and uploading? If not, perhaps it’s about time you upgrade to a more reliable method of cabling installation the fibre optic cable. Whether your business or personal internet activities is greatly affected by a slow internet connection, this issue still needs to be resolved right away to avoid wastage of money and frustrations. To help you make a quick decision now, let me walk you through the top reasons why a fibre optic cable installation will do you good.

Reason #1 – High-speed connectivity

One of the biggest reasons why fibre optic cable installation is widely sought by companies, businesses including households is the guaranteed high-speed connectivity. How is that possible? Unlike the conventional copper cable which was previously used by internet providers the fibre optic cable installation mainly uses fibre optic cable which has the capacity to support more bandwidth and cope with demand for internet usage.

Reason #2 – Dependability

Copper cabling system is made from metal and this material is more prone to weather disturbances like thunder and lighting. When struck by a strong force of lighting the copper cables can impact the connectivity, eventually causing disruption to internet connection as well as speed. With fibre optic cable installation the fibre optics are made from top graded glass material and can withstand any bad weather condition.

Reason #3 – Stable signal

Do you find it a nuisance whenever you experience long loading times? Or, perhaps you can’t even open your emails? Prevent such problem by opting for fibre optic cable installation. With this latest internet package, every paying customer will no longer have to deal with “dead spots” or unstable internet connection. Many telecommunication companies like the network cabling Sydney firm GM assure old and new subscribers of a stronger and stable signal with their latest fibre optic cable package.

Reason #4 – Hassle free installation

When it comes to the installation process the fibre optic cable installation is a lot better than the copper cable. Why? Copper cables have thicker dimensions and difficult to handle while fibre optic cables are lighter and thinner. In fact, each fibre optic cable is only a bit thicker than the human’s hair strand. So, it’s easier to work with even on uneven angles or tight spaces.

Reason #5 – More bandwidth

If your business operation or office needs to download huge files or watch HD videos this would mean higher bandwidth usage. With fibre optic cable installation the internet speed doesn’t decrease even during heavy usage. Fibre optic cabling package allows users to perform various internet activities from downloading files, video conferencing to video streaming all at the same time without downtime.

Whatever your reason for using the internet, either business or personal having reliable internet connectivity is the only way to get things done right away. If you have troubles trying to cope with your current internet package slow speed, consider upgrading now to a more reliable internet cabling package the fibre optic cable installation. For more information about the best cabling solution talk to one of the experts at GM.