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Commercial Office Fit Out – 2 Essential Elements

Office electrical and data systems are often very large systems. The plethora of varying connections tends to make them confusing for many business owners. There are a few essential elements to any commercial office fit out which will keep your business running smoothly and safely. GM Cabling who provides network cabling Sydney can supply and install many of these systems for your business.

Network Cabling

Most commercial office fit out systems must be wired together to function correctly, this includes internet, phone, and server connections. Network cabling Sydney suppliers such as GM Cable can install and connect such systems to keep offices running smoothly and efficiently. Network cables come in many versions for different tasks; the main ones are Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7. Higher numbers indicate newer versions that have larger bandwidths and better transmission speeds. Cat6a is capable of transmitting larger distances up to 100m with no loss, which may be very desirable in network cabling Sydney. Cat7 is a very new standard offering much higher speeds but at considerably shorter distances.

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

These systems are staples of many commercial office fit out as they are great for offices with important computer systems or servers which must remain online at all times. They are placed between the mains power and the computer/server. In the event of power interruptions, they keep the machine powered until a secondary power source can be started or the machine is shut down safely. This is great for protecting important files and devices in your office network.

GM Cables are commercial office fit out specialists who provide the highest quality cabling electrical solutions for their clients. Contact us today for more information.

Commercial Office Fit Out Cabling For Small Spaces

A commercial office fit out cabling solutions ensures interior spaces in an office are usable. While they are normally performed on big commercial spaces, there are also some fit outs conducted on spaces that are rather limited when it comes to size. In these situations, a commercial fit out company may have to work on what is available to them and ensure all necessary factors are considered, like making the electrical distribution board blend in with the furniture or removing unnecessary clutter in the area. To ensure all available spaces are maximized, business owners can take into account the following things when they want to work on the limited space they have in their offices.

  • Remove Unnecessary Clutter

Clutter in an office can be a major obstacle when fitting out an office. It can take up space that is better suited for things usable in the office. Due to this, it is important to remove any unnecessary clutter in the office. This will enhance the efficiency and functionality of the office. To do this, business owners should list down the things they do not need on a regular basis as well as the things you regularly use. Use this list to remove anything you do not need and keep what is needed. There may be some items that are necessary but are quite unwieldy. In this situation, business owners should make sure these items are stored properly so they do not get in the way while work is done in the office.

  • Use Neutral Colors in the Office

When it comes to productivity, the colors used in the office can play a significant role in encouraging employees to be more productive. Due to this, it is advisable to use neutral colors for the dominant color in the office. Lighter colors, such as white or beige, can provide a sense of bigger space in the office. It also makes the office appear clean, which is something business owners should maintain after removing all the unnecessary clutter in the office. In this regard, when business owners decide to hire a commercial office fit out company, they should opt to have a lighter color for the office. Moreover, the electrical distribution board they will use in the office should also have a similar shade as the walls to make it blend in.

  • Good Lighting is Advisable

With the lighter colors in the office, the next thing business owners should consider is the lighting they will use in the office. Similar to colors, good lighting can also make an office look bigger than it actually is. A well-lighted office also makes the environment inviting and encourages employees to be more productive. It also creates an airy ambiance, which can contribute to the productivity of the employees.

  • Multifunctional Furniture

After taking care of the overall ambiance and the lighting, business owners should also consider getting multi functional furniture. The furniture business owners should purchase for the office should have more than one function. It may be a chair that offers storage space under it or a table that can be converted into a bench. These types of furniture allow business owners to save space inside the office. If these types of furniture are not available, they can get mobile furniture that can be moved around easily. Business owners should avoid getting bulky furniture that takes up too much space in the office.

  • Layout All Equipment Properly

With all the furniture and equipment ready, business owners should think about a suitable layout they can use when contacting a commercial office fit out company. In this instance, they should take into account all available space in the office. It will be necessary to discuss options with the company to ensure the office layout maximizes the limited space. This will take time and effort, but in the end, the business owner will reap the benefits of all the work they did.

These are just some of the things business owners should consider when they are planning to contact a commercial office fit out cabling company to work on their limited office space. Taking these things into account will allow them to ensure the employees will be productive and efficient while working in the office. For more information about cabling solutions, visit GM Cabling Solutions Today !

What to Consider before Investing on Commercial Office Fit-out?

Commercial office fit-out is a major expenditure that a company will have to deal with when renovating the office space. It’s crucial that the person-in-charge of this project should find the right office fit-out to avoid wastage of money. The overall design and layout of commercial office fit-out should perfectly blend with the office space function, space, and image.

When planning the design and layout, take into consideration the following factors before contact a reputable company customizing office fit-outs.

Ask these frequently asked questions

A custom-built commercial office fit-out intended for the renovation of existing office space must serve its real purpose and benefit the end-users like office employees, managers, and supervisors. Aside from improving the physical appearance of the office space, a commercial office fit-out must provide comfortable and easy workflow to everyone occupying it as well as guests. Before designing the new commercial office fit-out, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you need a new commercial office fit-out?
  • Do you have a specific layout for the customised office fit-out?
  • Will the office fit-out be installed with an electrical distribution board?

Whatever answers you will generate from the above questions will give an idea of the project cost, the duration for its completion including the functionalities.

Future planning

It’s imperative that the design and layout of your new commercial office fit-out together with the electrical distribution board that it adheres to possible changes in the future. Keep in mind, environmental changes could affect the functionality of an office fit-out. This is why you need to look at the big picture before you even contract the production of new office fit-out units.

Apart from that, you need to determine where your business is heading in the coming years, let’s say five years from now. Can the existing office space accommodate your future expansion? How about the advancement in technology? Can the new commercial office fit-out cope with the latest developments in technology like the installation of a modern electrical distribution board?

In the event your current office space is outdated and can’t accommodate the new commercial office fit-out, a bigger problem may arise like having to move to a new office space. Or, vice versa your existing space needs to be refurbished and a new commercial office fit-out is the best solution.

Set a budget

Money is as important as the planning and designing of a new commercial office fit-out. Similar to the installation of an upgraded electrical distribution board an office fit-out will require funding. While on the planning and design phase, better set a budget. A budget will serve as your benchmark on what type of office fit-out to order as well as the materials to be used. You also need to get quotes from one contractor to another and compare pricing. What should be included in your budget? Here are a few things that will affect your budget:

  • The cost linked to a move in the event you have to relocate to a bigger office space.
  • The cost of the new office furniture and equipment needed for the office fit-outs.
  • Network cabling installation, phone system, IT and electrical distribution board.
  • Materials to be used for the office fit-outs.

The above ideas are just some of the things to be considered when planning and designing new commercial office fit-out units. The final design and layout of an office fit-out must represent the company’s theme, vision, and culture of the occupants and guests. Its overall appearance must help in the marketing aspect and productivity level of the company.

For more unique designs of the latest commercial office fit-out models contact now a representative at GM Cabling Solutions and find the right one for your company’s office space. Call now and book a meeting.

Network Cabling Sydney: How To Choose The Best Network Cabling Solution Provider

Do you have plans to expand your business? Or, perhaps need to upgrade your current network cabling? Finding the best network cabling solution depends entirely on your chosen provider according to the experts of network cabling Sydney. Keep in mind, with the advancement of technology, every business needs to resolve issues that could affect their operations and productivity such as the internet, cabling, data servers, and commercial office fit-out units. So, how would you choose the best network cabling solution company?

First of all, you need to have a clear idea of your business’ specific needs, particularly in structured cabling. Let’s say this terminology is new to you. Structured cabling as mentioned by the network cabling Sydney specialists refers mainly to the computer unit and communication system infrastructure wherein cables and wiring are concerned.

Now that you have a hint of structured cabling, the next thing you need is a list of qualifications that your network cabling solution provider must possess. A network cabling provider is your business’ ticket to reaching the peak of success. This is why it’s vital you find the right provider that can cater to your business’ specific network cabling solution requirement. Below are some of the qualifying traits that a network cabling solution provider must exhibit:

  • Dependability
  • Knowledgeable in structured cabling installation
  • Ability to assess your current and future network cabling needs

You may also ask questions during the initial screening to check the provider’s level of experience in the industry as well as expertise. Feel free to ask these frequently asked questions to all your prospective candidates.

  • Is your company able to provide real-time physical support when needed?
  • Do you have immediate access to remote support 24/7?
  • Can you customise the network cabling solution package based on the size of a business?
  • Do you also cover other services like commercial office fit out installation?
  • Are your installers expert in integrating advanced phone systems, data servers as well as wireless devices?
  • Do you have effective security system protection?
  • Will your network cabling solution company handle various locations?
  • Will you provide on-site testing as well as training for employees?

Deciding on whom to partner your network cabling solution needs is a tough decision to make according to the representative at network cabling Sydney. Any business owner like you must assess carefully the provider’s profile, level of experience and services offered before signing a contract of agreement. Remember, each business’s network cabling requirement is unique. If you want to get the right structure cabling regardless it’s intended for future expansion or upgrades, do research on the cabling company. I’m sure you don’t want to be overpaying for services your business won’t be needed for in the future.

Each structured cabling solution may perform a unique function for one business and having the right one for your business is as important as finding the right partner. If you still have unanswered questions for structured cabling and other services like commercial office fit out installation in Sydney, why not give GM Cabling Solutions a call for a consultation.  For more information, Visit Gm Cable Today !

5 Reasons to invest in Underground Electrical Cabling

Every commercial office fit out needs to have underground cabling. This is important for several reasons. Among the most important ones is that it ensures a consistent and steady stream of electrical supply at all times. Further, it can provide many other benefits to the business owners as well. Here are some of these benefits:

Reasons to get Underground Electrical Cabling

  1. Safety

Underground electrical cable setups are much more secure from accidental damage than other types of wiring. This is because they cannot be stepped on or otherwise hampered with. This ensures that your office will have the necessary supplies without interruption. Also, such power uninterruptible power supplies are very durable so you can save money there are as well.

  1. Thicker Wiring

Underground wiring also gives the advantage of threading more wires through one channel. This means that you can have more power output options through the same channel. Also, this means your cable management options become much more streamlined.

  1. Better Coordination

Commercial office fit outs that remain on the surface can lead to coordination problem. They are often mismanaged that can result in confusion. This can really hamper the process of repair if ever needed. So, instead, you can go for underground electrical cabling. This will help keep your office wiring organized efficiently.

  1. Visual Appeal

Visual appeal is not the first thing that office owners might think about when they are structuring their office. However, it does matter a lot. Wiring bunches standing out in the corners are hardly appealing. Underground electrical cable can solve this problem easily by keeping everything out of sight.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance can take a toll on your work efficiency. If you have exposed wiring, you will not only need to stall work but may also need to spend more money. Of course, this is not the best of ideas and so, you should opt for a commercial office fit out that use underground electrical cable. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

How to Get the Best Underground Electrical Wiring for Your Office?

GM Cabling Solutions is one of most trusted companies in Australia for commercial office fit outs. We have many services on offer that you can avail. From network cabling in Sydney to uninterruptible power supplies, we can give you all the electrical fit out services you need. Contact GM Cable now!

Things to Consider When It Comes To Commercial Office Fit Outs

Fit out refers to a term describing the process of making interior spaces usable. The interior of the office is more than just a physical workplace. It also showcases what the company can do for its clients. It is essential to contract a reputable commercial office fit out company with suitable experience in enhancing productivity.

Due to this, there are several things companies should consider before they sign a contract with a commercial office fit out company.


The first thing to consider is budget. Not all companies have an unlimited source of funds for an office fit out. Due to this, the company should take into account its finances and how much it can afford to provide for the project. While an initial quote will be provided by a commercial office fit out company, it is important to take into account what is included in the quote.

While companies should look at the initial design and its inclusions, it should also consider the quality of the equipment and material used in the project. Some questions that they should ask are as follows:

  • Is the electrical distribution board suitable enough for the needs of the company?
  • Did the company contract reliable uninterruptible power suppliers?
  • Will the underground electrical cable system be suitably set up?

These are just some of the questions that may emerge when the budget and finances of the company are considered for the project.

Suitable Design

The design of the interior should also be considered. It should reflect the branding of the company. If the company deals with antiquities and relics, it may not be advisable to have a modern design for its interiors. The design of the office interior can serve as a permanent advertisement for the company. Due to this, it should give an impression of what the company can offer as well as the values the company holds.

Legal Compliance

Another thing to take into account is legal compliance. This is mainly associated with how the internal works comply with government requirements. It will be necessary for the company to ensure the electrical distribution board follows guidelines set by local and state laws. The underground electrical cable network should also follow the requirements set by the government. Uninterruptible power suppliers should also provide equipment that meets legal requirements. When it comes to data cabling Sydney-based companies can provide suitable cabling systems that comply with any legal requirements by the government. Similarly, network cabling Sydney-based companies can also provide systems that meet government requirements. Complying with any legal requirements set by the government will allow the company to avoid any costly fines in the future.

Service System Efficiency

The interior of the office should enhance productivity rather than interfere with the work of the employees. Due to this, it is necessary for the commercial office fit out company to design a service system that is efficient and meets the needs of the employees. Using an underground electrical cable network is one of the things that will contribute to this system efficiency. Data cabling Sydney companies may also have some design ideas on how to enhance productivity in the office. The same thing goes with network cabling Sydney companies, which can provide concepts the company can adopt. It will also be necessary to get quotes from uninterruptible power suppliers to avoid any interruptions in case of power outages.

Migration of Networks

When a company moves to a different location, it should consider how to seamlessly transfer its communication network to its new location. This network migration is essential in ensuring the company does not lose its current clients. In this situation, the data cabling Sydney companies along with network cabling Sydney-based companies will be crucial in ensuring minimal interruption when it comes to the networks used by the company. The commercial office fit out company should provide a migration plan to minimize or eliminate any inconvenience when it comes to the services provided to the clients of the company.

These are just some of the things companies can take into account before they finalize any agreements with a commercial office fit out company.

Three commonly used topologies to get uninterruptible power supplies

An uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), also known as a battery backup, provides backup power when your regular power source fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. There are certain topology for UPS setup provided for specific level of voltage protection. Mainly three strategical tips are there to give proper UPS supply at your house or at your work place too.

  1. Standby UPS Topology is the most commonly used topology in setting up UPS system. A standby battery backup given the common power problems such as a blackout, voltage sag, or voltage surge. These are designed to consume electricity whether in upper ground or underground electrical cable
  2. A line interactive is the incorporated technology which allows correcting mainly minor power fluctuations without switching off any power supply. These types of topology are mainly used in commercial office fit out cabling solutions to regulate voltage in network equipment as per the range of servers.

  1. A double conversion topology is one of the clean types, which is near the perfect as compare to any other topology we use. Double conversion uninterruptible power supplies are designed to protect critical IT equipment, data centre installations, high end servers, and large telecom networks.

GM Cable solutions are specialized in setting up all above three kinds of Topologies for Network cabling in Sydney. We have a team of experts for these topologies mainly. Visit GM cable to get your services done.

How does blown optical fibre works?

There are many optical fibres used in cabling solution which offers many benefits. Two different types of blown optical fibre which can be used in cabling system, which are individual & bundled Blown Optical Fibre Systems.

The individual blown optical fibre systems are mainly used to simplify ground work and when the waterproof ducting is in place the network can be expanded by simply blowing more fibre optic cables, which makes installation process more cost effective and time consuming. You only need to pay for the expansion to network as and when business grows.

Similarly, the bundled blown optical fibre systems are the coherent or incoherent which can be used to illuminate and observe hard to reach places. These types of optical fibre cables are allowing the blown fibre system to develop as network which needs to expand. They have much smaller core as compare to multi-mode fibre optic cables.

Mainly in commercial office fit out, most of the cabling solutions use fibre optic cable, due to it core structure which consist of light transmit and a protective cladding, either  made up of glass or plastic material.

The Blown optical fibre is one of technology which provides flexibility in network design, while anticipating and facilitating future changes as the network evolves. It provides best power solutions specially FTTD (Fibre to the Desk) and FTTH (Fibre to the Home) applications. Most of the applications, who involves these types of fibre optic cables are:

  • Industrial complex
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Campuses
  • Government Buildings
  • Broadcasting and many more….

If you need to have free assistance for blown fibre optic cable installation, visit GM Cable Today!!

5 Expert Tips to Get the Right Data Cabling In Sydney

Data cabling in Sydney is one of the most important wirings in a commercial space. Your office will work much more efficiently if you have the right data cabling solutions. Of course, you need to find the right company and also use the right data cables as need.

Now, there are a few things that you should know about data cabling in Sydney before you choose a company. Here are some key tips that will help you get the right data cabling for your   commercial fit out:

5 Tips for Data Cabling in Sydney for Commercial Offices

  1. Structural Plan

The first part of the network cabling in Sydney requires you to plan your wiring. This will require an expert to lay out the plan. You should look it over with them to anticipate your current and future needs.

  1. Voice/Data Cabling Integration

Nowadays, fibre optic cable installation can take care of both data and VoIP calling needs. You can save a lot of money by just having those types of cables installed. Of course, you will need an electronic distribution board to manage that effectively.

  1. Cable Management

Fibre optic cables are really good for your business. They provide superior quality connectivity relay and are resilient to damage. With that said, you should sort out your cable management effectively. This will help you keep the lines untangle and get to root problems more quickly.

  1. Length

Cable lengths will ultimately determine how much your office space can be modified or expanded. So, you should figure out the required limits based on your present as well as future cabling needs. This will come in handy when you are instituting your commercial office fit out.

  1. Test before Finalising

The final step of the process involves confirming your commercial office fit out works. After the entire network has been implemented, you should test it out for consistency. Of course, your chosen company will do this by default. But you need to be involved in the process so that you can ensure the commercial office fit out matches your requirements.

Looking for Reliable Data Cabling in Sydney? Contact GM Cabling Solutions!

GM Cabling Solutions are the leading experts of network cabling in Sydney. We offer high-quality commercial office fit outs including electrical distribution board, and underground electrical cables, to name a few. Visit GM Cabling Solutions now to get expert advice on the best data cabling in Sydney for your office!

Top 5 Reasons For Choosing Customised Commercial Office Fit Out


Whether you own a small or huge office space having custom made office fit out is essential for you and hired workers. Aside from providing a comfortable working environment, a customised commercial office fit out will increase productivity as well as give a professional image to guests. Below are the top 5 reasons why you have to choose custom commercial office fit out.

Reason #1 – Fit your needs

Yes, a customised commercial office fit out is tailored to fit your specific needs. For example, if your target is to create a more spacious working space minus the clutter, your hired office fit out maker can come up with a design and layout that maximises space availability.

Reason #2 – Aesthetically appealing

Exposed electrical and cable wires at the workplace are very unsightly to any onlooker, plus can lead to accidental trips. With customised commercial office fit out the issue of exposed wires is eliminated. How? The hired office fit out expert will normally install wires and cables completely invisible to the naked eyes. The final effect is a clutter-free and aesthetically appealing working environment.

Reason #3 – Add value

One of the reasons why both small and big companies opt for customised commercial office fit out designs is for its added value. Imagine your office space is transformed into a functional and highly organized workplace wherein all occupants can work comfortably without feeling distracted.

Reason #4 – Cost-effective

A customised office fit out need not be costly. A client has the privilege to choose the materials including the type of finishing of a commercial office fit out based on a budget. Besides, having an expert to design and oversee the creation of a commercial office out, would mean you don’t have to buy materials you don’t actually need. This is a cost-effective way to save money.

Reason #5 – Improve your image

Lastly, having a customised commercial office fit out will definitely boost your image. How? During the design phase, you can make suggestions on how the final outcome would best represent you and your personality. For example, if you wish to project your office as environment-friendly the company contracted to create office fit outs will use materials like LED lights or sustainable materials not hazardous to the environment.

For more information on customised commercial office out or installation of electrical distribution board, please contact now a representative at GM Cable, a leading provider of wide range of services from data and network cabling solutions, electrical distribution board installation, underground services as well as structured fibre optic installation.