Network Cabling Sydney – Hardware Used

Network systems are often very complex and have many pieces of connected hardware. Due to their complexity, set-up and maintenance of network systems are very time consuming and often neglected by many offices. This can result in slow servers and systems which are unreliable to use, affecting productivity. Network cabling Sydney specialists such as GM Cabling can install, maintain and optimise network systems for reliability and versatility.

There are many components involved in network cabling Sydney projects, these include:

  • Switches and routers – switches are the devices that connect components of a network together. They are connected to each piece of hardware with an Ethernet cable. Routers are the devices that connect the network made from the switches to the internet.
  • File servers and storage systems – these are the parts of the network which store local files like spreadsheets and documents. They are connected to computers with network cabling Sydney to access files from whatever device needs them.
  • Computers and workstations – the devices people use every day in their jobs are connected to the network with Ethernet cables to access both the internet and stored files.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies – different essential network devices like servers, important computers, and specialist equipment use uninterruptible power supplies to protect against damage or data loss in a surge or blackout.
  • Specialized equipment – different businesses will have special devices to perform functions of their business. These may need to be connected with network cabling.

With all of the components involved in network cabling Sydney, it is important to have the set-up done right. Get a free quote from GM Cabling today!