Lighting Design And Installation Guide


Deciding on the lighting design and installation of a residential or commercial space can be quite overwhelming. It requires careful planning and evaluation of the space to ensure adequate lighting fixtures are installed. If you are struggling to choose the best lighting for your space, here’s a quick guide to follow applicable both for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Lighting Design

When it comes to lighting design you need to think of something efficient, provide the needed lighting and at the same time blend with the rest of the interior. While on the lighting design phase include the following concerns:

  • Address the particular spot or area you wish to add or improve its lighting. It’s crucial that the correct lighting fixture is selected and will provide the type of lighting needed.
  • Determine the number of lighting fixtures needed for that space regardless you opted for underground electrical cable
  • Be creative when choosing the lighting design and installation It doesn’t matter if you favour the modern and innovative lighting fixture over traditional lighting as long as the final outcome exceeds your existing lighting system.

Lighting Installation

Lighting design and installation should cover both indoor and outdoor lighting of a space.

Indoor Lighting

For indoor lighting installation, the following ideas can be implemented.

  • For kitchen area with an island or working table at the center hanging pendant lights should at least have the distance of approximately 28 to 34 inches above the kitchen countertop.
  • The bathroom area with the vanity can be installed with sconces on both sides.
  • If you want to save on electricity bills invest of LEDs.
  • For offices installation of lighting under working desks or office cabinets is advisable to avoid clutter and accidents (tripping on exposed electrical cable wires).

Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to lighting design and installation of outdoor areas these best practices can be fully implemented:

  • Similar to indoor lights opting for LEDs is a cost-effective way to reduce your energy consumption and create an environment-friendly space.
  • When it comes to landscape lighting design and installation go for lighting fixtures that will illuminate it properly at night. For pathway lights, the recommended distance of lights is at least six feet apart.
  • If you plan to install a ceiling fan for any outdoor space see to it has waterproof feature and rated to be suitable for patios or outdoor deck.
  • Underground electrical cable is safer for outdoor lighting, especially for decks and patios.

How to have a workable lighting design and installation project?

For your assurance, the right lighting design and installation is chosen better to hire an expert in this field. Keep in mind, even if you are a DIYer some lighting installations need the supervision of a professional. A carefully drafted lighting design and installation method must be decided to ensure a successful electrical lighting system.

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