Laws regarding Audio visual equipment installation and use in workplaces

Cameras are an absolute necessity for any business when it comes to security. All it takes is for one camera to deter theft and petty crimes from occurring in your property/management.  However, it is also important to have multiple angles set up and cabled correctly. Audiovisual equipment can also be used to gain further details on events that may transpire and become useful and valuable in a legal matter, speeding up the process of courts. Cameras also allow proprietors to monitor staff while working to make sure the right work is being done and that there is no theft or other wrongdoings occurring within the staff ranks. Hence, cameras are vital to any workplace in ensuring safety, discipline, and security so it is absolutely imperative that the laws surrounding this type of equipment are understood.

When installing audiovisual equipment it must be ensured that the entire room is monitored and not just a small section of it. As under the telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 (Cth), it is illegal to record a private conversation and even worse to share and distribute this conversation. Most audiovisual equipment installations are quite simple however as the law is quite clear on what is considered an offense.

“As long as the installation, use or maintenance of an optical surveillance device does not involve the unauthorized entry onto/into a premise or vehicle or unauthorized interference with a vehicle or other object, it is not an offense”

That being said, the writing of other laws does apply to cameras as well, as consent is still required even in your own property. For example, it is still considered an offense to install audiovisual equipment in the bathroom of your own home without a person consent to be filmed (based on image-based abuse laws in NSW)

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