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Our Electrical service range is extensive. We have successfully delivered in the following categories:

  • Building construction and fit-out.

  • Sports ground lighting.

  • Switchboard Design and Manufacture.

  • Uninterruptable power supplies and generator deployment.

  • Single-phase and 3 phase electrical supplies.

  • demountable and temporary building power supplies and connections.

  • PA system design and deployment.

  • Mains cabling and level 2 connections.


This is really our specialty area. We work with our cabling partners such as Panduit and Emtelle to provide GM Styled High-performance cabling solutions.

  • Category 6, 6A, and 7 copper cabling solutions.

  • Multi and single-mode Structured Optical fibre.

  • Blown Fibre reticulated certified solutions.

  • Underground structured cabling.

  • Wifi network cabling solutions.

  • Data centre connectivity solutions.

  • Telephone cabling.

  • Instrumentation and industrial automation certified solutions.

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Underground cabling

GM has its own fleet of trucks, excavators, and hauling equipment for just about any underground cabling project. Our service range includes:

  • Trenching and conduit laying.

  • Non-destructive excavation.

  • Underboring of roads and pathways.

  • Directional drilling and pipe hauling.

  • Road and footpath slotting (blown fibre network)