Different types of working principles of Electrical Distribution Board

Complete electricity connection in both commercial and residential buildings is through the electrical distribution board. The working principle of an electrical distribution board is a fascinating one. The Electrical Distribution board (DB) is where the electricity supply is distributed within the building premises. The main supply cable comes into the board and is then distributed to the breakers and from there to all the circuits.

The structural and technical aspects of an electrical distribution board vary, depending on the country and the electrical requirements.

Different types of electrical distribution boards have different functionality and principles of working too.  Types of boards based on application and requirements, that can be chosen are:

  1. Fuse Boxes: A fuse box referrers to a consumer unit where all the electricity is controlled and distributed. It’s important to know where it is located at the home because, in the event of an emergency, it is vital to find your fuse box with ease and turn it off to avoid a catastrophe.
  2. Main Breaker Panel: A commonly used distribution board, main breaker panels protect the circuits and keep an eye.
  3. Main Lug Panel: Main lug units are essentially used as a distribution board when there appears to be the main breaker upstream. Line wires run into these lugs, wherein the main lug panel can be used as a sub-panel when it is connected to a breaker from the main panel.
  4. Subpanels: When your focus as satellite circuit breaker panel especially convenient to the area it functions for.

Eventually, for underground electrical cable wiring, the installation process is complete works of different principles with their connection related to distribution boards used. The cables should be routed such that they are not likely to be damaged by any foreseeable disturbance and should be buried under certain required depth.

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