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When To Upgrade The Electrical Distribution Board?

Do you often experience electrical problems at home? If yes, it’s about time you do a thorough inspection of the electrical distribution board and check for the presence of the following signs and prevent power disruption.

Circuit breakers experience trip

One of the signs that will require the upgrade of your current electrical distribution board is when the circuit breakers often experience tripping. Why isn’t good? Well, if the circuit breakers don’t perform as expected the flow of electricity is unstable, eventually causing overheating on appliances. When this electrical issue occurs frequently, home appliances relying on power source are prone to breakdowns.

Discoloured marks

Another alarming sign that you should not miss out when doing an inspection with your home’s electrical distribution board is the discolouration marks evident on the circuit breakers. If you noticed discoloured marks or acrid smell you have to notify immediately the services of a reliable electrical cabling company and upgrade to a new electrical distribution board.

Breakers fail to remain reset

Among the other signs that any homeowner should be on guard while inspecting the electrical distribution board, when the breakers failed to remain reset or unable to restore power supply. If this occurs, there is a huge possibility of a major problem on your electrical panel board.

Damaged or old electrical wiring

Have you experienced electrical shock while connecting an electrical appliance to a power outlet? Or, your lights experience frequent flickering. Any of these signs could only mean possible wear and tear issue on your electrical distribution board wiring. If so, call now a reliable electrical cabling company and request an upgrade.

Your home only has fuses

If you live in an older home, chances are it still has a fused-based electrical system and not the electrical distribution board. Fuses are already considered outdated and unsafe. If this is the case have your home inspected by a licensed electrician or electrical cabling company and ask the cost for an upgraded electrical distribution board.

Do you want to experience uninterruptible power supplies? Go over the mentioned signs above and if any of them is affecting your home’s electrical system this is the right timing to look for a reliable electrical cabling company. If your home is situated in Australia and prefer to contract a local provider, visit GM Cabling Solutions. They offer a wide range of services covering data and network cabling, electrical cabling, office fitouts including underground cabling services. Contact now a representative at GM and set an appointment to discuss the electrical distribution board upgrade.

4 Questions To Ask The Data Cabling Sydney

Startup businesses can have the ability to perform well in their chosen industries provided they equipped themselves with the needed tools, equipment, manpower and technology. Among the services that any startup business or company would need is a reliable data cabling provider. Why? In today’s fast pace environment, it’s vital for any size or type of business to have uninterrupted data network connectivity. So, how to select the best data cabling company if startup business is soon to launch in Australia? Here are 4 questions to ask the data cabling Sydney representative.

Question #1 – Do you have online access?

A credible data cabling company should have online access to ensure their clients’ concerns can be resolved the soonest possible time. If you will have a private consultation with the data cabling Sydney representative ask if they have an official website where a client can easily send messages or talk via chat support with a customer support team.

Question #2 – What are the materials used for your chosen data cabling package?

One of the concerns of paying clients is the value of what they are paying for. As for the data cabling services ask the data cabling Sydney representative the type of materials to be used for your chosen package. Will they use top quality fibre optic cable wires or traditional cable wires? A credible data cabling company will disclose everything that a client needs to know from the prices of each data cabling package including the types of materials to be used for installation.

Question #3 – Do they have a technical support team to handle technical problems?

Technical problems may arise at any given period regardless you are a loyal customer of a top performing network cabling. During the one-on-one meeting with a data cabling Sydney or network cabling Sydney representative feel free to ask about technical problems. Who will offer assistance in case you encountered a technical problem? A reputable data cabling company should have a readily available technical team that will handle all technical issues and provide immediate solutions.

Question #4 – Do they specialise in data cabling?

Any startup business or company rely heavily on data network cabling services. It’s necessary that you only partner with a provider that is knowledgeable on data cabling and equipped with the right team of experts. Why? If the hired provider has no in-depth expertise in data network you might end up receiving poor services. When hunting for a provider do research about their expertise in this field including other back-end supports they claim to have specialisation, so that you really get a good deal for your money’s worth.

Can’t still decide where to avail your data cabling services in Sydney? Talk to one of the data cabling Sydney representatives at GM Cabling Solutions. Their team would be happy to bring further enlightenment to any question troubling you at the moment. Choosing the right data cabling package is the instrument to get any business moving forward in the right direction.

4 Things To Consider Before Ordering Your Commercial Office Fit Out

Are you on the process of revamping your commercial office space and interior? If you strongly feel a customised commercial office fit out would improve the overall appearance and productivity of workers, then, take into consideration these 4 things before placing a job order with a company.

Number of years of experience

One of the things to look into before ordering customised commercial office fit out from a provider is their years of experience in this kind of business. It’s necessary to check on each prospective company profile. A company that can show a solid track record in manufacturing office fit outs is a clear indicator of expertise. You may also request compilation of the company’s past projects or visit their showroom for a visual tour or their finished products.


Another important thing to consider before contracting your commercial office fit out with any company is the certification or proof of accreditation. Why? Office fit outs need to pass safety standards to ensure users overall safety while at the workplace. For your peace of mind that you only transact with a reputable company that customises office fit outs inquire if they passed certification training including local accreditation. A company with accreditation can assure you that their workers know what they are doing.

Insurance coverage

Most contractors doing customised office fit outs need to be at the client’s office to plan the design, layout and actual installation. Among the other concerns that you need to address before hiring a contractor for your commercial office fit out is the contractor’s insurance coverage. Why? Of course, accidents and damages on the property may arise at any given time and it’s a must that the contractor is covered with a comprehensive insurance policy to ensure all claims will be compensated.


Last on the list to consider is the safety of people working at the office. When selecting from a bunch of applicants, take time assessing their safety standards and other preventive measures to be applied while working on your office fit outs. For example, inquire if they have a clear safety work plan as they carry out the commercial office fit out installation within your office premises. The overall health and safety of your workers should not be put at risk while the contractor installs the office fit outs or as they use the finished office fit outs.

Aside from budget, the successful outcome of a customised commercial office fit out will depend entirely on the hired company that will do this project. A company that exhibits a strong commitment to delivering quality office fit outs that match the needs of each client is the right guy to hire. A finely crafted office fit out should positively affect the output of your workers and level up their personal experiences.

Who can help with your bulk commercial office fit out orders in Australia?


If you need bulk orders of commercial office fit out in Australia contact the representative at GM Cabling Solutions. Their services include the creation of office fit outs, underground cabling, lighting design and installation. Call now and book a private consultation.


Lighting Design And Installation Guide


Deciding on the lighting design and installation of a residential or commercial space can be quite overwhelming. It requires careful planning and evaluation of the space to ensure adequate lighting fixtures are installed. If you are struggling to choose the best lighting for your space, here’s a quick guide to follow applicable both for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Lighting Design

When it comes to lighting design you need to think of something efficient, provide the needed lighting and at the same time blend with the rest of the interior. While on the lighting design phase include the following concerns:

  • Address the particular spot or area you wish to add or improve its lighting. It’s crucial that the correct lighting fixture is selected and will provide the type of lighting needed.
  • Determine the number of lighting fixtures needed for that space regardless you opted for underground electrical cable
  • Be creative when choosing the lighting design and installation It doesn’t matter if you favour the modern and innovative lighting fixture over traditional lighting as long as the final outcome exceeds your existing lighting system.

Lighting Installation

Lighting design and installation should cover both indoor and outdoor lighting of a space.

Indoor Lighting

For indoor lighting installation, the following ideas can be implemented.

  • For kitchen area with an island or working table at the center hanging pendant lights should at least have the distance of approximately 28 to 34 inches above the kitchen countertop.
  • The bathroom area with the vanity can be installed with sconces on both sides.
  • If you want to save on electricity bills invest of LEDs.
  • For offices installation of lighting under working desks or office cabinets is advisable to avoid clutter and accidents (tripping on exposed electrical cable wires).

Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to lighting design and installation of outdoor areas these best practices can be fully implemented:

  • Similar to indoor lights opting for LEDs is a cost-effective way to reduce your energy consumption and create an environment-friendly space.
  • When it comes to landscape lighting design and installation go for lighting fixtures that will illuminate it properly at night. For pathway lights, the recommended distance of lights is at least six feet apart.
  • If you plan to install a ceiling fan for any outdoor space see to it has waterproof feature and rated to be suitable for patios or outdoor deck.
  • Underground electrical cable is safer for outdoor lighting, especially for decks and patios.

How to have a workable lighting design and installation project?

For your assurance, the right lighting design and installation is chosen better to hire an expert in this field. Keep in mind, even if you are a DIYer some lighting installations need the supervision of a professional. A carefully drafted lighting design and installation method must be decided to ensure a successful electrical lighting system.

Do you want a customised lighting design and installation for your indoor or outdoor Sydney space? If yes, feel free to visit the official website of GM Cabling Solutions, a pioneer in electrical and communications cabling. Learn more about the wide range of lighting fixtures suited for a residential or commercial space including their underground electrical cable system.

For more information on cabling services and solutions, contact us at GM Cable today.

Top Benefits Of Underground Electrical Cable Revealed

Are you still having apprehensions whether to choose underground electrical cable over overhead electrical cable? While both of these cabling systems can provide the same power supply there are a lot of benefits for opting on underground electrical cabling system and here are some of them.

  • Environment-friendly

If you will compare the installation of underground electrical cable and overhead electrical cable the underground cables offer a better view because the cables installed are completely invisible. The power lines are hidden and won’t create an obstruction to any view. Aside from that, the underground electrical cable is good to the environment because they don’t need to use huge poles during the installation unlike the overhead power towering wooden or metal poles are needed to connect electrical lines.

  • Fewer resources needed

The resource materials needed for underground electrical cable are fewer if compared to the quantity of materials that the overhead power lines will require.  With underground power cabling, the need for posts is eliminated. No need to worry about the supply of logs, digging the ground and burying them just to install power lines. The entire process of underground power lines installation will only require pipes or ducts, so the overhead cost for this project is not expensive.

  • Uninterruptible power supplies

Another amazing benefit of underground electrical cable installation is the guaranteed uninterruptible power supplies. Since, the power lines are installed underground any bad weather condition or external element present in our environment (overgrown tree, strong wind) will not disrupt the quality of power supply. Users of underground power cabling system can enjoy stable power connection at all times.

  • Safer

Yes, this is one of the benefits that underground electrical cable promise to deliver to all end-users that opted for this type of power lines installation – safer. Why? First, the electrical power lines are secured underground, so need to fear of direct contact with high voltage power lines. Second, unlike the overhead cabling system where power lines may become loose due to strong winds or fallen trees, the underground power cables aren’t exposed, eliminating the risks of injuries and deaths that downed power lines can cause to any human being.

Will underground electrical power cables applicable anywhere?

There are cases wherein the underground electrical cabling system may not work. A location situated with water source like waterways may not be a suitable place to install underground power cables. It’s crucial that an expert will assess the location prior installation of underground electrical cable.

If you want more information about the best power cabling system that will deliver uninterruptible power supplies, inquire at GM and let their specialist on underground power application come up with a design that will work out for your situation.



Why Upgrade To Fibre Optic Cable Installation?

Is your internet connection providing you enough speed when downloading and uploading? If not, perhaps it’s about time you upgrade to a more reliable method of cabling installation the fibre optic cable. Whether your business or personal internet activities is greatly affected by a slow internet connection, this issue still needs to be resolved right away to avoid wastage of money and frustrations. To help you make a quick decision now, let me walk you through the top reasons why a fibre optic cable installation will do you good.

Reason #1 – High-speed connectivity

One of the biggest reasons why fibre optic cable installation is widely sought by companies, businesses including households is the guaranteed high-speed connectivity. How is that possible? Unlike the conventional copper cable which was previously used by internet providers the fibre optic cable installation mainly uses fibre optic cable which has the capacity to support more bandwidth and cope with demand for internet usage.

Reason #2 – Dependability

Copper cabling system is made from metal and this material is more prone to weather disturbances like thunder and lighting. When struck by a strong force of lighting the copper cables can impact the connectivity, eventually causing disruption to internet connection as well as speed. With fibre optic cable installation the fibre optics are made from top graded glass material and can withstand any bad weather condition.

Reason #3 – Stable signal

Do you find it a nuisance whenever you experience long loading times? Or, perhaps you can’t even open your emails? Prevent such problem by opting for fibre optic cable installation. With this latest internet package, every paying customer will no longer have to deal with “dead spots” or unstable internet connection. Many telecommunication companies like the network cabling Sydney firm GM assure old and new subscribers of a stronger and stable signal with their latest fibre optic cable package.

Reason #4 – Hassle free installation

When it comes to the installation process the fibre optic cable installation is a lot better than the copper cable. Why? Copper cables have thicker dimensions and difficult to handle while fibre optic cables are lighter and thinner. In fact, each fibre optic cable is only a bit thicker than the human’s hair strand. So, it’s easier to work with even on uneven angles or tight spaces.

Reason #5 – More bandwidth

If your business operation or office needs to download huge files or watch HD videos this would mean higher bandwidth usage. With fibre optic cable installation the internet speed doesn’t decrease even during heavy usage. Fibre optic cabling package allows users to perform various internet activities from downloading files, video conferencing to video streaming all at the same time without downtime.

Whatever your reason for using the internet, either business or personal having reliable internet connectivity is the only way to get things done right away. If you have troubles trying to cope with your current internet package slow speed, consider upgrading now to a more reliable internet cabling package the fibre optic cable installation. For more information about the best cabling solution talk to one of the experts at GM.